Welcome to the Vertical Amble Mountaineering website. 

The site has been developed with the objective of creating the love of nature in the hearts of people and thus stirring in their hearts a desire to discover the beauty of our beautiful Valley, Kashmir.

There are times in our lives, when we feel a strong primal longing to be among the waterfalls, the wilderness, the bird songs and that magical fresh air of the mountains. You may suddenly feel the urge to pick up your backpack, put on your trekking boots and leave for the nearest mountains.

If you have never done it before there is always a first time for everything and your first trek is always important. It opens or closes the doors of the mountains for you. We help you organize your first adventure, on every step all the way and try to make your trek unforgettable.

It needs no emphasis that every soul yearns for moments of relaxation after hard work. Different people have different ways to catch such moments. Trekking in the mountains could be one of such activities. Trekking not only gives physical exercise but develops one’s will-power as well. The joy experienced in the cosy and serene lap of Mother Nature can’t be imagined in the noisy materialistic life of cities.

Being lovers of nature it’s our natural desire to invite more and more people to join us and discover what beauty the mountains of our Valley offer to the beholders. Launching this website is one of the steps initiated in this regard.

We would feel it an accomplishment if the website is used as a helpful forum for trekkers from Kashmir as well as from foreign countries interested to trek in the mountain ranges of Kashmir. We would be more than glad to help tourists by advising them how to plan their treks. Everyone is welcome to post questions about any aspect of trekking e.g. route, equipment, accommodation, transportation, porters, food, budget, security, medicines etc and we would reply every question in light of our experience and knowledge.

We thank you for visiting our website. We would very much appreciate if you could spare a few moments and write your comments about our efforts. Kindly pinpoint the weaknesses that you find in the website. Every suggestion from the viewers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you once more and wishing you best of luck.

Visit us. Visit with us. Let us put you in touch with the elements. We’ll help you find somewhere you belong.