About Us

Vertical Amble Mountaineering -  is a trekking club run by group of people who are really passionate about trekking, hiking and mountaineering. We have been pursuing this hobby along with education, jobs, etc. and wish to nurture the same passion and love about this sport in the hearts of people who just do not know where to start...

In January 2009 we decided that there was a need for a new trekking club in the Kashmir Valley, Known for its mountain trails, the area was attracting a growing number of visitors who were eager to explore the great outdoors. We recruited a few hardy hike leaders, set up a schedule, advertised and immediately picked up membership. Many important decisions made early in the club's life guide it today. One is the philosophy that the club is for persons of all walks of life. That means it has low membership dues and a variety of hikes for persons of all skill levels to enjoy. Another is that camaraderie is an important attribute for the club. A third philosophy is that electronic communication was here to stay and so a major emphasis was placed on using the website and e-mail to stay in touch with the membership.

Many of us know only the names of famous treks, have read or heard the stories about them from history books, internet etc. We want those enthusiasts to visit these places where history unfold, feel the epic adventure, and enjoy different moods of the Kashmir.

What we know for sure - there is much more to explore!!! And it is worth preserving for the generations to come!!!

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