Kausar Nag Trek Information

Kausar Nag needs no introduction as it is biggest Lake of Kashmir. Kausar Nag is 2 km long lake and having Ice Bergs during midsummer also. It is located at an attitude of 3700 metres (12140 fts). Kausar Nag trek starts from Aharbal, which is famous for biggest Water Fall in Kashmir. You will reach Aharbal by road. First form Srinagar to Anantnag, then Anantnag to Kulgam and then Kulgam to Aharbal.

Day 1: Aharbal to Kungwattan.

Start your first day of trek late as the trail to Kungwattan is not so long and can be done around 3hours. After 10 minutes of walking you can see final glimpse of Aharbal. Trail to Kungwattan is not so steep. After walking for 15 minutes you will find river flows from your right side, be careful river is very down than your trail.

After Walking for around 1hour you will find river on your way. Cross the river by bridge and continue walking towards left. Walk for 20 minutes you will find two trails choose trail which goes down and again cross the river by bridge.

Now the trail will become steep for 20 minutes through small forest. Continue your walk your trail will open in a big meadow, Kungwattan. Continue walk to reach the end of Kungwattan it will take around 20 minutes as it is at least 2 kms long. Rest for few minutes and then find suitable space for camping having easy access to water.

(While you are walking in Kungwattan look on your left on top of mountain which is rise about 500 metres from you will find an Army Camp. Don’t worry they will not harm you or any other person. They are only for security measures.)

Day 2: Kungwattan to Mahinag

Start your day at 8:30 am. The trail is difficult at some points. As you walk for 10 minutes you will enter into thick forest. There are many chances of Bear in this forest. After walking around 30 minutes you will leave the forest behind. You will experience your trail is up and down at some points.

You saw beautiful view of river from top on your right side and also found forest rise from you on your left side. They will be together with you till Mahinag. On way you will also found Gujjars huts. Beware of their dogs they are very dangerous.

Continue for more 5 minutes you will enter into big green bed of grass. And continue for 30 minutes to cross it. During this you will trail you will never face shortage of water. After leaving grass your trail starts on rocks. Again here you will find your trail up down for 2 hours. After 2 hours your trail will lead you to a small meadow.

Continue straight for 20 minutes and walking through rocks for 20 minutes you will need to go down to the river which is crossing your trail. On the other side of river you will find very steep trail. There is no bridge. Cross the river carefully.

Now climb the steep trail it will take only few minutes, get on top of it. You will find a big meadow, Mahinag. Stay at Mahinag for one night and explore it. You will find river on every side of Mahinag. There is also a School at Mahinag. Walk towards left and explore a very small lake Mahinag.

Day 3: Mahinag to Kausar Nag.

Start your day early at 8am as trail to Kausar Nag is quite distance and difficult. Walk for 20 minutes and you will find river again crossing your path also there is no bridge, so cross river carefully. Walk for 10 minutes you will experience you trail is becoming very steep and difficult to climb for 20 minutes. Turn back you will find breath taking view of Mahinag.

Now our most of remaining trail is through rocks. Cross these rocks very carefully. Continue your trail for 2 hours through rocks. Look around you will see snow on mountain peaks. After completing trail over rocks you will find straight trail. Look straight you will find mountain high. Cross the straight trail area. There are two trails towards Kausar Nag. One is on left side and other is on right side on other side of river. Left one is short but very steep and difficult to climb and right one is little long but not so much steep. Left one is best for climb down and right one is best of climb up.

For left one walk little left and climb up for 30 minutes and the turn little right and walk for 10 minutes you will find another small hill climb it up and walk little further you will see Breath Taking View of Kausar Nag. Walk for more 10 minutes to reach the bottom of Kausar Nag.
For right one cross the river on your right side then turn left and climb up until river crosses your trail. Turn left cross river and walk for 10 minutes then turn right little bit walk for 10 minutes you will find Breath Taking View of Kausar Nag. Walk for 10 minutes further to reach bottom of Kausar Nag.
There will find Ice Bergs on Kausar Nag. And lake is 2 km long which makes him biggest Lake of Kashmir Region.

Day 4: Kausar Nag to Mahinag.

Start your day little late around 9 am to view beauty of Kausar Nag till 9am.Pick one the trails from Kausar Nag to climb down from this hill. Then take the same route you too from Mahinag. Stay one more night at Mahinag explore it and try to interact will school children and teach them if possible.

Day 5: Mahinag to Aharbal

Start your day at 8am and follow the same route you took from Aharbal to Kungwattan and then Kungwattan to Mahinag. Reach Aharbal as soon as possible. Stay at Aharbal Tourist Bungalow or do to Kulgam, then Anantnag and Then Srinagar.

Note:Remember there are none o trees after crossing Mahinag, so pick wood from upper areas of Kungwattan for Mahinag as well as for Kausar Nag.