Tulian Lake Trek Information

Tulian Lake at an attitude of 3353 metres (11000 ft) above sea level. It is surrounded on three sides by mountains that rise 300 metres (980 ft) above it and that are usually covered with snow. The lake is very much beautiful and is in 8 shape. The trek is very steep and difficult especially in the last stretch. The last part is the most difficult to climb, but once you reached there, you forget everything. The trek starts from Pahalgam.
Day 1: Pahalgam to Kanimarg via Baisaran.(3 hours)
Start your first day late as the trail to Kanimarg is not so long, takes around 3 hours to reach Kanimarg. After 20 minutes turn your back to get final Glance of Pahalgam. Continue the trail and enter into the pine forest and path will become little narrow. Some may feel difficult.

After 1 hour of walking through woods the trail opens up to Baisaran an exquisite place. Rest for few minutes. Remember there is shortage of water at Baisaran.
After rest continue your trek towards Kanimarg. Cross Baisaran it will take around 10 minutes to reach to the end of Baisaran.

Continue your trail through forest as you go deeper you will experience more dense forest.
After 20 minutes you saw water on your trek. Get the water because there is shortage of water till Kanimarg.

Walk for 10 minutes and you will saw meadow where you can see many gypsy huts of Gujjars. Now you have to climb steep trail which you saw in your left side. You will experience difficult to walk for around 20 minutes and you will again enter into very dense forest. Sunlight barely can get through but still trail is visible. Remember there are chances of Bears presence in this forest. After walking of 25 minutes you saw sunlight comes from top of the forest.


Walk for more 10 minutes and you will reach Kanimarg. Take a rest refresh yourself and then find a site for camping. After camping take a walk in the Kanimarg.
Day 2: Kanimarg to Tulian Lake to Tulian Valley.(5 hours and 2 hours)
Note: There is very much less space at Tulian Lake for camping, you have to go down to Tulian valley for camping for night.

Start your day early at 8am. The trail is difficult for around 25 minutes. After walking of 2 minutes from Kanimarg you will enter into steep dense forest. There is very much changes of Bear in this forest so be careful.

After 30 minutes turn left and walk continue until you leave the forest. After  leaving the forest you will saw a single gypsy hut. Here you can get water. See around you will saw on your left a mountain rise from you and on right you will see many trees.


Continue your walk straight for 5 minute and then turn right to trees. You will saw breath taking view of Tulian Valley. Take a rest and enjoy the view of Tulian Valley. Continue your walk towards Tulian Lake from left side, continue for 30-40 minutes to reach the end of another top side of Tulian Valley.

Walk few minutes you will experience rocks everywhere, Right side you will see river will flow from Tulian Lake. The trail from Tulian valley is very steep, so you may experience difficult to climb. Walk for around 1 hour and look straight to get a view of mountain peak mostly covered with snow.

After walking more 30-45 minutes you will saw breath taking view of Tulian Lake Surrounded by three sides by mountains which rise 300 metres from lake. Walk more 5 minutes to go closer to the lake.

Spend around 2-2:30 hours at Tulian Lake. Also explore the back side of Lake. Walk from left side of lake for 30 minute and to reach back side of lake also saw lake is in 8 shape.
After exploring the lake completely you will have to climb down towards Tulian valley, because there is very less space at Tulian Lake for camping for night. So you have to stay at Tulian valley.


Walk back towards Tulian valley it only takes around 1 hour and easy to walk. As you get close to Tulian valley you will saw another breath taking view of Tulian Valley. Walk down toTulian Valley and fined a space for camping to stay for night. You will saw river flows through Tulian Valley. Take some rest and walk in Tulian Valley and explore it.

Day 3: Tulian Valley to Pahalgam via Kanimarg.(4-5 hours)
Start your day around 8 am take water with yourself because you have to climb very steep trail, is very difficult to climb for 30-40 minutes. Take same route you took from Pahalgam. It is quite distance and you climb up from Tulian Valley and climb down to Kanimarg. Rest for few minutes at Kanimarg and walk through same route until you reach Pahalgam via Baisaran. You can plan to stay at Pahalgam or go to Anantnag and then Srinagar.

Day 1: Pahalgam to Kanimarg
Day 2: Kanimarg to Tulian Lake to Tulian Valley
Day 3: Tulian Valley to Pahalgam